Fatherhood Is The Story Of This Real-Life Dad!


Fatherhood is based upon the story of a dada who does his best after his wife passes away suddenly and tragically! Fatherhood is a new dramatic comedy that you can stream on Netflix. It begins with a story of a very happy couple who welcomes their 1st child named Maddy into this world. 

More Behind The Scenes News Of Fatherhood!

The turning point of the story is the sudden and untimely demise of Liz, his new mom due to pulmonary embolism. Following this tragic incident, Matt, the father, who is played by Kevin Hart spends the remaining time of the movie learning important valuable lessons regarding his grief, daughter, community, and parenthood. Fatherhood is an actual true story based on Maddy Logelin and Matt Logelin who witness the tragic passing of Liz around thirteen years ago. Liz passes away a single day after her daughter gets born. 

Logelin released a statement to TODAY Parents where he talked about the first time he started writing the story of Fatherhood. He first started writing it in his blog. He later released a book to keep the memory of his late wife alive. He later stated that his primary goal was to create a document featuring the time he shared with his wife. He did it primarily for his daughter.

He added that while her daughter lost her mama, he ended up being the sole one that his daughter could turn to. Hart is the father of four kids, Kaori who is 8 months old, Kenzo, who is three years old, Hendrix, being 13 years old, and Heaven who is 16 years old. He created this fictional version of Logelin by drawing from his own real experiences. That is how Fatherhood was formed. 

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