Richard Donoghue Interviewed By The Select Committee

Richard Donoghue
Richard Donoghue

Richard Donoghue, the official who worked at the justice department during the administration of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, was investigated. The investigation was carried out by the select committee of the House. It is to be noted that the said committee is currently investigating the matter of the capitol riot that took place on the 6th of January in the country.

Richard Donoghue’s Involvement

The interview of Richard Donoghue by the select committee took place the previous week. All this information is provided by one of the news sources. This revelation was made following the statement of the select committee into the matter. It was stated that the committee has finally begun to interrogate people. However, all of the interrogations are to take place in private. And none of the parties who were or are being interrogated, have been revealed from the end of the committee. The panel has published a total of two batches of subpoenas. It is to be noted that the investigation that Richard Donoghue is now a part of, is the biggest investigation in the history of the US Congress.  

Richard Donoghue worked as the deputy attorney general from the year 2020. And he continued working until the end of the term of former Republican President Donald Trump. He had not retired from his office when the insurrection took place on the 6th of January in the Capitol building that ended the lives of people. The select committee refrained from providing any information with regard to the matter. One of the major deadlines with regard to the investigation is just about to end. It involves four close people of Donald Trump. They were subpoenaed for a few actions. It is stated that all of the relevant documents with regard to these people are to be presented on Thursday.       

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