Florida Taking Care It’s Governor


Florida as a whole has been taking care of Ron DeSantis after all this time. It has recently transferred $10 million dollars to DeSantis’s campaign account. DeSantis started his campaigns for the upcoming 2024 election in late April.

The way they have proceeded with changes is likely to help only their governor. The changes which were initially made it to the handbook eventually. The changes in finance guidelines are perhaps only beneficial to Ron DeSantis and his allies. The changes were made by the state department.

The Biased State Florida

The changes were made only to help Ron DeSantis perhaps. Many strongly believe DeSantis must have influenced these changes. All the allies of Ron DeSanti’s sole purpose will be funding his campaigns for the upcoming White House bid.

A few weeks ago he made a statement about how he will not step down. In fact, he was thinking of reaching out to former president Donald Trump for friendship. He also mentioned no one should irritate Donald Trump’s supporters. This statement raised a lot of eyebrows indeed.

The previous handbook of Florida political guidelines. Which was last updated in 2016. They clearly stated all the funds raised should only be used for the Florida campaign purposes or political activities. Which has now changed. And now those funds can be used outside Florida as well.

Some of the supporters of DeSantis have argued saying the leaked footage of that statement is false. Even his own secretary has made it clear Ron DeSantis will never walk hand in hand with Trump. Nearly around $80 million which his allies never turn back to the state. Their biggest bid is ahead, hence the money is needed. Many democrats argued they are looting the Florida mine.