Head To Toe In Prada: Gabrielle Union Goes Along With Stepdaughter Zaya Wade

Gabrielle Union
Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union and step-daughter Zaya Wade have proved that style transcends generations. The actress of Bring It On posted Instagram pics with her stepdaughter flaunting a complete Prada ensemble.

For their family album, Gabrielle Union donned an oversized white robe matched with a button-down pinstripe with black shorts. She wore her hair up in a stylish ponytail.

Gabrielle Union’s stepdaughter Zaya took a preppy approach to her look. She wore a white tee with a crew neck. A black Prada Bandeau matched with a flowing knee-length skirt completed the outfit.

Both flaunted their purses, a matching Prada Galleria for Gabrielle Union and a blue leather chunky loafer.

Gabrielle Union also posted a clip of them striking poses as Olivia Rodrigo’s Déjà Vu played in the background. They trade places suddenly in the short clip.

Gabrielle Union Opens Up About Zaya, Who Identifies As Transgender

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade, former stars in the NBA spoke about their experience of parenting Zaya, who identifies herself as transgender. Gabrielle says that she had been brought up learning to assimilate and conform. But they are raising their kids, letting them know that they are valued for what they are.

Both Union and Dwayne Wade are vocal supporters of the LGBTQ+ community through the Wade Family Foundation. They explained that they remain clear about what they consider acceptable.

She says that they do not want them to change and conform according to the wishes of others. They should be comfortable and happy being what they are.

Dwayne Wade agrees. He feels that if we let our kids be their true selves, we wouldn’t have to push them towards confirming with preset standards. They can be comfortable in their authentic selves. Dwayne’s son has commented favorably on her sister’s pictures with their step-mom.