Gary Bettman Supports NHL Decision

Gary Bettman
Gary Bettman

Gary Bettman is a well-known personality in the National Hockey League. Bettman graduated from the University of Cornell. He later took admission to the law school of New York University. He had previously served in a number of prestigious roles. Gary was the senior vice president of the NBA. 

Later on, in 1993, he was appointed in his present role by the NHL. The hiring of Bettman turned out to be game-changing for the NHL. His mode of operations made the revenues skyrocket. The revenue shot up to $3billion under the guidance of Gary. Gary added a total of eight brand new teams to the tournament. This meant the total tally of teams stood at thirty-two. Gary has proved to be an able leader. 

However, things have been rough recently. Sexual harassment abuse has plagued the NHL recently. The commissioner came out and decided to address the media on the ongoing controversy. Let us have a detailed look at what Gary Bettman has to say. 

Gary Bettman Addresses The Media 

The ongoing controversy involving the sexual assault of Kyle Beach has left the NHL disturbed. According to reports, Kyle had been harassed sexually while playing for the Chicago Blackhawks. Beach accused the video analyst of the team, Brad Aldrich, of having committed the crime. However, a large number of people did not seem happy with the way the NHL approached the case. 

The critics accused the NHL of being late in taking any drastic measures. Gary Bettman strongly defended their decision. He stated that he went through the entire report on Monday. Bettman said that he could not have judged a person beforehand without sufficient evidence. 

Gary Bettman, in a strong statement, said that the deeds of Aldrich were unacceptable. He extended his support towards Beach and wished the athlete luck.