James Wiseman Focuses On Grand Return

James Wiseman
James Wiseman

James Wiseman is one of the most promising athletes in America. He is a basketball player and pursues his career in the NBA. Wise man was very much engrossed in the game right from his childhood. He began playing basketball early in his childhood. The athlete joined college and played for Memphis Tigers. 

James’ height has been one of the bonuses of his game. He measures at 7feet 1inches tall. He made his entrance into the NBA circuit in the draft of 2020. He was born on 31st March 2001 and currently plays for the Golden State Warriors. He has shown a lot of promise in his early days of playing. His zeal and hunger for the game make him unique.

 James Wiseman has recently been down with an injury. However, he has shown signs of improvement. Wiseman is eyeing a return to the team soon. Let us learn more about the incident below. 

James Wiseman Keen To Return Soon

Wiseman has been one of the best picks in the drafts for the Warriors. He had a significant match presence and has attracted a lot of eyes. However, he could not keep up the good work for long. The athlete, unfortunately, had to be sidelined due to an injury. He suffered a serious injury that required surgery on the meniscus. The injury kept the athlete away from the action since April. 

It has been a long time and James Wiseman is itching to get back. Finally, good news arrived for the Warriors. Medical examinations cleared Wiseman to take part in practice sessions with the team. However, the team management does not want to take any risk. They have taken a slow approach with Wiseman. It is for this reason the athlete has not yet been handed an official date for return. 

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