Gavin Newsom Attacks Ron DeSantis

Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom is one of the biggest names in the political circuit of the United States of America. He is one of the most experienced politicians in the country and has contributed significantly to the structuring of the political scenario in America. Newsom is currently vested with the responsibility of Governing California. He has made some of the biggest changes in his state. California is currently famous for being the only state to aid its citizens with several stimulus checks. After the initial stimulus payments from the federal government phased out, the citizens of California continued to enjoy the services of government money.

This was achieved using several programs like the Golden State Stimulus. The government of California has once again come to the aid of the citizens by introducing a fresh stimulus plan worth $1050. Gavin Newsom, in a recent statement, asked the citizens of Florida to come and reside in California. He stated that the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis was not the fittest one. Newsom stated that DeSantis has recently issued some of the most controversial decisions. His decisions included Don’t Say Gay and banning abortion among women. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Gavin Newsom Accuses Ron DeSantis Of Attacking Freedom 

Gavin Newsom criticized Ron DeSantis for some of his recent decisions. DeSantis has restricted the discussion about a child’s sexual inclination in kindergarten schools. He has also supported the abortion ban among women. 

Gavin Newsom stated that all such laws were an attempt to hamper the freedom of the common citizens of America. He also criticized DeSantis for putting a restrain on the right to vote.