The United States Capitol Revolt; Trump Had Warned The Officials

United States Capitol
United States Capitol

The former president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, spoke out on the violent riot that took place in the United States Capitol building in January 2021. The statement came from him this Sunday. He said something that was not heard by anyone before.

He claimed that he had expressed concern on the day the riot took place. This was done with regard to the troops of the National Guard. Donald Trump had requested the deployment of 10,000 guards.

The United States Capitol Revolt Could Have Been Avoided?

The former president went on to say that his team had contacted the Department of Defense before the United States Capitol riot took place. And that was done several days before the rally even took place. They claimed about the possibility of the crowd being double fold than that of the national guardsmen. His team mentioned that 10,000 might not be enough to control the people.

The warning was given by them to the leaders as well. According to the personal beliefs of Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, had also received the warning. However, they rejected the request. The reason behind this, according to what he heard, was because the leaders rejected the presence of 10,000 troops. It is to be noted that Donald Trump is held solely responsible for the United States Capitol riot. A total of 5 people died in it.

The ex-president further mentioned the fact that he developed a strong hatred towards whatever happened on the 6th of January. he did not like the violent riot that took place in the United States Capitol building.

According to sources, Steve Stevenson, the former chief of the Capitol police, revealed something to the bipartisan panel of the senate. He stated that a report had been received by him from the field office of the FBI based in Norfolk. According to the report, they had been warned about the revolt that could be brought about by the extremists of the country.