Gavin Newsom May Face A Potential Recall

Gavin Newsom
gavin newsom

Gavin Newsom may just be recalled due to his COVID-19 response statewide. The state is now merely a month away from its deadline to the day when supporters will submit their signatures to recall the Governor of California. This may also help in holding in place the government’s progressive slate. But several are reporting that there may be a huge difference in this recall compared to the one that brought Gray Davis down. He was replaced by a Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

The difference is that California today is much bluer than it has ever been. It is also much more non-white, considering how it was about 2 decades ago. Gavin Newsom’s win last time was a pretty slimline— 38% of the state did not vote for him. And to come back this time, it may take a lot more than just that much. The numbers with which blue has been taking over, these numbers have become more critical than ever. This time around, his supporters may have to outburst and over-perform with over 12 more compared to before. This will be the only way to get the Governor recalled

Whether Gavin Newsom Can Win Or Not

In a state of 40 million citizens, winning just 1.5 million recall signatures may not do anything— at all. But also, the Democratic party has only been winning this state with a thin line by 20-30 points. So will the Democratic government survive? 

The electoral demographics and margins to change is just one side of looking at this recall. Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown belong to a place where Nancy Pelosi and VP Kamala Harris belong as well. Hence, there is something bigger here in play than just the fact whether Gavin Newsom will remain the governor of California.

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