Finances Of Rep.-elect George Santos Under Investigation

George Santos

Investigation of finances under Rep.-elect George Santos by federal prosecutors of New York is still ongoing. The news came to the light as the Republicans admitted to giving false information in the key parts of his biography. It is currently being handled by the United States attorney’s office in New York. George Santos has since been facing questions about his loans and wealth rounding off to $700,000 for his successful campaigns in 2022.

Nassau County District Attorney’s Comments On George Santos’s Matter

The first report of the federal investigation came from CBS News, it says the Nassau County region was looking into fabrications from George Santos. Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly said that the copious fabrications and inconsistency against Congressman George Santos are nothing extraordinary, the residents deserve a sincere and responsible representative of Congress. 

It was first revealed by The New York Times that Santos’s biography seems almost fictional, CNN later confirmed the news with details of his employment history and education. The news also uncovered false claims that Santos was forcefully removed from a private school in New York when his family’s real estate took a downfall, also stating his representation in Goldman Sachs’s top finance conference. 

Later, with interviews at WABC radio along with New York Post, he admitted to his lies about everything but denied the commitment to any crimes. In 2011, George Santos was indicted with embezzlement in Brazilian Court according to records from the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice. However, the charges were dropped due to the absence of Mr.Santos. 

Although a formal investigation is yet to begin, Attorney General Letitia James is looking into the concerns raised in the recent reports. While Santos is facing scrutiny from fellow party members. 

GOP Rep.- Elect Nick Lalota displays his concern and asks for an entire investigation by the House Ethics Committee and if needed law enforcement as well. Rep.- Elect Mike Lawler urged Santos for cooperation asking him to apologize, calling the incident a “distraction’’.