Great Expectations Review- Olivia Colman Is Mesmerizingly Sinister

Great Expectations

The Great Expectations adaptation from the creator of Peaky Blinders feels like it’s only filling up the gaps, as the Oscar-winning performance overshadows the rest. However, one might question the necessity of yet another rendition of Dickens’ novel. The Great Expectations adaptation seems to come back around faster with each passing decade, doesn’t it? There have been numerous versions of the story, ranging from 12 to 17 film and TV adaptations since the very first silent film by Robert G Vignola in 1917, as well as around a dozen stage production.

It’s not unreasonable to suggest that Charles Dickens’ beloved 1861 novel has been entertaining us for long enough and that it might be time for a different author to be given a chance. Alternatively, perhaps another Dickens classical such as Hard Times could be adapted- it’s been a decade since Nicholas Nickleby was last brought to life.

So, Is There Really A Need For Another Great Expectations Adaptation?

Absolutely not! Perhaps it’s time to shift our attention to other authors like Anthony Trollope, George Gissing, and Wilkie Collins, or even female writers like Fanny Burney, Marie Edgeworth, and Winifred Holtby. Maybe it’s time to break away from the norm and explore other literary classics like Sarah Phelps taking on The Tale of Genji. Hayley Squires gives an outstanding performance as Sara, Pip’s sister, and Joe’s wife, effectively portraying the pressures and frustrations that have caused her warmth to fade away.

In the opening scene, we Magwitch escaping from a prison ship on the marshes, alongside his treacherous accomplice Compeyson during a fire that Compeyson started. Unfortunately, this is not one of those instances. Despite this, we can still enjoy Colman’s outstanding performance and the rest of the cast. However, let’s not limit ourselves to just Great Expectations, and look forward to greater things in the future.