Liverpool Coach, Jurgen Klopp Has His Eyes Set On Victory


Jurgen Klopp already said that the season-defining game scheduled on 23rd May, Sunday, is crucial for Liverpool. They are set to clash against Crystal Palace that is a ‘final’.

Liverpool has their eyes set on winning the Champions League spot on the final day of their campaign. Moreover, the team is also headed towards their final match in Premier League. Klopp has informed that the destiny of the team to achieve the top 4 spot lies in their own hands.

Furthermore, Liverpool won an impressive match against Burnley with a 3-0 victory. This victory has put the team above Leicester and gained a spot in the top 4.

Victory Goal For Liverpool

Liverpool owes a huge debt to the strike by Roberto Firmino in the 1st half along with the goal by Nat Philips, their defender, and the maiden goal by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. These comfortably set their team in their campaign against Burnley in Turf Moor.

If Liverpool successfully manages to win for the consecutive time in the league matches for the 1st time during this season, they will move towards the final day with high expectations. The team will enter their final day by winning 23 out of the previous 27 available. As a result, Jurgen Klopp has only one demand from his team that they perform well enough in one final match.

Klopp has stated that the team made a clean performance in the last match. They won by 3-0 and gained a clean sheet. Klopp has also acknowledged that things are still uncertain but they have definitely improved their position and managed to reach the final game week.

He also admitted they are incredibly closer to qualifying for Champions League after the bad form that affected their chances.