Taking Employee Training to the Next Level 

Mobile Training Apps
Mobile Training Apps

Most business leaders would agree that employee training is absolutely essential for building a high-performing workforce. However, many businesses struggle with creating an effective training program that both engages employees and adequately educates them. Research tells us that a poor training experience can lead to a lower retention rate along with lower levels of employee engagement and job satisfaction.

One of the biggest challenges that companies face in developing an effective training program is fully engaging the learners. No matter how great those PowerPoint presentations and training videos are, research shows that most employees are often disengaged during the majority of traditional training sessions.

So how do you present training material to your workforce in a way that keeps them engaged, trains them properly, and is also cost-effective? Many companies are accomplishing this by creating their own mobile employee training app.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Training Apps for Employees?

Here are just some of the ways that creating and implementing a mobile employee training app could help your business:

  1. Mobile employee training apps make education accessible to your entire team, any time, in any place, which gives employees the flexibility to learn when they want to, on the device of their choice, even if they are offline.
  2. There is significant evidence showing that mobile apps for learning give the employee a feeling of empowerment because they have a measure of control over the training process.
  3. Studies have shown that employees get more out of their training when the training environment is interactive and includes a variety of short modules with diverse content.
  4. Corporate training apps are widely considered the best way to combat the short attention spans that plague many learners in today’s tech-driven era.
  5. A mobile training app can increase accountability and allows managers to monitor employee training progress.
  6. Corporate training apps are becoming increasingly more widespread. A recent Gallup study shows that 71% of workers connect more with app-based learning than they do with traditional training methods.

Is it Cost-effective?

Traditional training methods can consume a lot of resources over time – developing and administering your own training programs include significant overhead, including venue, instructor fees, training materials, and more. There are employee training services offered by many different companies, but customization opportunities are limited, and there is a significant ongoing cost associated with these services as well.

In contrast, developing a custom training app for your employees is a one-time investment that will require little maintenance and allows you to offer highly relevant content to your employees through personalized training that motivates them to enhance their skill sets and accomplish their goals.


As technology advances, it has become clear that traditional training methods for employees are no longer as effective as they once were. Training apps are the future of employee training programs; they can increase engagement, improve retention, and help inspire employees to boost their performance, and they are surprisingly cost-effective to create and maintain. While creating a mobile employee training app may seem like a daunting task, if done right, it can prove to be extremely beneficial for both the business and the employees.