Stimulus Checks From NJ County

Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check is still providing much-needed financial respite to Americans.

A northern New Jersey county is issuing $1,000 stimulus checks to some residents, according to recent news. Eligible residents must be at least 18 years old and qualify financially.

“We want to continue to provide support and relief to our local small businesses and families who are still struggling during this unprecedented time,” Bergen County Executive James Tedesco said in a statement published by NBC 10 Philadelphia.

“Raising the funds for these grants was not easy, but we knew that it was important to rise to the occasion for our residents.” The county received more than $47 million through the federal CARES Act and has already distributed nearly $28 million, according to the news.

The Hunterdon County Department of Human Services says it has already distributed nearly $28 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and expects to distribute another $9 million before the end of the year. A total of 6,000 households received checks earlier this week totaling more than $47 million.

People Who Have  Qualified For The Stimulus Check

The county said it’s been working with the state to determine how best to allocate those funds.

The news station reported that each resident will receive a check for $100 per eligible child in their household, while everyone else will get a $200 birthday bonus. The checks are expected to arrive by September.

A stimulus check is a one-time payment that is meant to help people feel more secure in their financial lives and help them buy things they need or want.

It’s not intended to be a permanent solution: In fact, it’s temporary. The stimulus check should provide some relief, but it’s not meant to replace regular income.