Harrison Bader debuts for the New York Yankees with two hits and three RBIs; Frankie Montas is on the 15-day disabled list.

Harrion Bader

On Tuesday night, the team’s 9-8 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates featured center fielder Harrison Bader. Harrison Bader is a Gold Glove winner, playing in his first game in a uniform. He went two for 4 with 3 RBIs.

Since being traded by the St. Louis Cardinals to the New York Yankees on August 2 for Bader, Tuesday night’s match was his first in the major leagues.

Harison Bader, a native of New York who was growing up close to Yankee Stadium, has been placed on a 60-day disabled list due to right foot plantar fasciitis. On June 26, Bader last participated in a St. Louis game.

Harrison Bader faced the Pirates in center field and batted seventh. He hit two decisive singles. However, on Tuesday night, the Yankees received some bad news when their right-handed pitcher, Montas, was placed on a 15-day IL with an irritation on his right shoulder that resulted in Bader’s activation.

Harrison Bader Started For The New York Yankees As A Debutant: 

In his post-match interview, Harrison Bader said how excited he was to put on the uniforms of the big league teams and was excited to go out on the field and compete at that higher level of the game. He added that he thought it was a special record for him to be a debutant with the club he had supported from childhood. He said he had been in the stadium stands for the Yankees in his childhood.

Even while Bader said that his attention was on the playing field, he did admit that it would be a memorable evening for him and his family.