Harry Hamlin Talks About How Lisa Rinna’s Honesty Landed Her In Trouble On The Sets Of RHOBH

Harry Hamlin

Harry Hamlin is by his wife, Lisa Rinna’s, side, and believes that her actions on the sets of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were justified.

Just a couple of weeks before the celebrity announced her departure from this series, the 71-year-old actor informed PEOPLE that his 59-year-old wife often got into a spot of bother because she was not hesitant to speak her mind out. Hamlin mentioned that his wife always did her job, and was quite punctual about it. Also, her interactions with people in the show were laced with honesty and authenticity. Hamlin also spoke about his future projects Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches, and 80 for Brady- in the current issue of PEOPLE. 

Harry Hamlin Believes His Wife Over Reality TV Show

Harry Hamlin added that his wife’s real issue was dealing with people who take advantage of situations, or when they are not behaving properly. Since she spoke out in such situations, she was always in a lot of trouble. But as far as the show was concerned, her behavior helped increase the TRP.

What Hamlin has a problem with- something that he expressed clearly- was that his wife was getting branded as a liar on the show. Talking to PEOPLE, Harry mentioned that he had known his wife for close to 30 years- and to date, she had never been accused of lying. And the only reason why he wasn’t paying too much attention to this news is simply that he knows that his wife hasn’t lied.

Harry Hamlin further commented that there was no way for his wife to make sure that everyone was happy. He stated that there would be 50% of the people would like her, while there would also be 50% of the population would hate her. For Lisa though, the margins were more than 80%- 20%.