Kevin McCarthy Finally Makes It After The 15th Try: Humiliating 4 Days For Republicans

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy was finally elected the House speaker after a grueling series of failed ballots. The third most powerful man in the US government was subjected to prolonged and degrading days by his partymen. This even prompted calls for President Biden to intervene and resolve the impasse.

The deal ended an extraordinary standoff that led him to become the 55th member to lead the House of Representatives.

After midnight on Saturday, the Californian finally confirmed the Speakership as the right number of his hardliner detractors changed course., they finally relented after they held the lower chamber hostage for days and saved Kevin McCarthy and the Republican Party from further humiliation.

Kevin McCarthy lost the 14th round by a whisker. Florida Representative Matt Gaetz cast the critical ballot towards the end of the process and left McCarthy half a vote short of the required number.

The Intervention Of Trump Finally Saved Kevin McCarthy

The House was close to being adjourned for the weekend. That would have led to the embarrassing mess staying unresolved for the week. But in a twist to the plot, several members altered their votes and went in for a 15th round of voting. This happened even as several of Kevin McCarthy’s detractors decided to switch over to his side.

Rep. Marjorie T. Greene led this group of members who had a change of heart. She put Biggs, Rosendale, and Gaetz online with Trump, who had all along been backing McCarthy.

Within minutes all of this group of legislators cleared the path for McCarthy to emerge the winner. He appeared stunned and said that he never thought he would make it. He warned Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic leader of the House, in jest that a couple of years ago he had received all the votes from his conference.

But the victory has come at a heavy price for McCarthy. He might have to give large concessions to the ultra-conservatives within the party. This faction will now be able to fundamentally alter the way Congress functions.