Head Coach, Anthony Lynn Gets Fired After Los Angeles Chargers Lose 7 Matches In 2020 NFL Season

Anthony Lynn
Anthony Lynn

The Los Angeles Chargers finished 7-9 in the 2020 NFL season and 5-11 in the 2019 season. The person to bear the brunt of the loss becomes head coach, Anthony Lynn.

After his tenure of four seasons with the team as their head coach, Chargers owner announced that they are going to part ways with Anthony Lynn.

The announcement was made on Monday, January 4. The statement made by Dean Spanos, owner of the Los Angeles Chargers mentioned that there is possibly no one more respected in the NFL league than head coach Anthony Lynn. However, they have decided to “part ways with him” as the team’s guide. Spanos further mentioned his deepest gratitude for Lynn’s leadership over the years that has proven to be a time of substantial change for the team as well as their organization.

Anthony Lynn Falls Short Of “Results-Driven” Football Business

But he went to explain his decision to fire him by saying that the league is an outcome-driven business that calls for action and results. However, according to the metrics of the team’s performance over the last two years, he had come to the conclusion that they were falling short of proper results.

Tallying with what Dean Spanos mentioned, we can note that the Los Angeles Chargers lost 7 games in the 2020 season. Anthony Lynn made quite an effort to pull up the season scores during the end. As a result of which the Chargers won the last 4 games. However, that is now enough according to Spanos.

Spanos also mentioned that the team will “redouble” their efforts to get into the championship-potential zone. He mentioned that he wanted the team to be known by their millions of fans as a consistent, and “winning’ team. He also said that they will be looking for a new head coach to lead the team in innovative ways very soon.