Hoda Kotb Vulnerably Recalls Receiving the Text from the Adoption Agency About Her Daughter Haley: When I Knew It

Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb has been talking openly about her experience with adoption.

In an episode of the podcast with Bethenny and Just B, the 58-year-old co-host, discussed her concern that she may outlive her time for parenting.

She said when one realizes that something wasn’t meant for them, at least towards the beginning, it becomes a terrifying process since they have to endure the whole thing. When it happened to her, Hoda Kotb recalls never being able to talk publicly about having children since she thought things were too late. “You shouldn’t say it to ladies for whom it is already too late since, by doing so, you would be conveying an idea that you will never be able to grasp.” 

Hoda Kotb Finding Everything She Wanted After Completely Losing Hope

Additionally, Hoda Kotb recalls a buddy turning to her while they were strolling around the Hamptons and saying, they never even wanted kids. The journalist claimed that upon hearing this, she paused and marked that she did want kids to which her friend replied that she(Hoda) had never spoken about it though. To this, Hoda Kotb said that she never spoke about it because it couldn’t happen. 

When it was over, she remembered, that everywhere she looked, she saw signs that it too was possible. Then she went to fill out the forms and do the entire procedure wondering if perhaps some kid needed her. After this, it was a long wait. The process may take a month or five years but she was determined. Then, Kotb recalled the phone call she had received regarding her daughter Haley, now six years old, who has now been joined by her sister Hope Catherine, three.