How does technology relate to sofas?


What do you think of when someone says the word “sofa?” Chances are you aren’t thinking about tech. However, technology has taken over every industry and in all forms of retail. In today’s connected world, it is important to have options for charging stations and other uses of technology. Technological advances are even changing how we shop and buy our furniture.

Design your living room digitally from start to finish

With the right software or web application, you can create a 3D model of your room. From there, you can use the pictures and dimensions from other websites to play with the model and make sure that you are getting the right furniture for your space.

These tools make designing your living room much easier. You’ll be able to really see how the furniture will look in your living room with augmented reality. Take advantage of shopping that uses these methods directly to determine what works for your living room, then save money by searching for those same furnishings online to find sofas on sale that meet your needs.

Smart furniture

Another way that technology is creeping its way into interior design is with smart furniture. Some sofas have built-in USB charging ports that allow you to keep your devices at hand while they charge. Some sofas even allow you to charge your phone just by placing it on the arm of the couch. Other tech features that you might see in today’s smart furniture include touch lighting and built-in personal speakers for each seat.

Smart furniture is here, but it still has a long way to go. If you are looking for smart furniture that connects to the rest of your home, you’re going to need to visit a high-priced technology retailer rather than strictly a furniture store. However, you can still keep these features in mind as you design the perfect living room.

Shopping for sofas via mobile

Perhaps the biggest change in buying furniture in recent years is the move to mobile shopping. Over 90% of Americans have a connected smartphone or tablet, usually more than one. But when it comes to online purchases only about 70% of consumers have and use a connected laptop, PC, or Mac. More purchases than ever are happening on mobile phones.

This has made buying furniture online accessible to almost everyone. Even if you don’t have a connected device, you can make your purchase and arrange for delivery by using free computer use services at your local library or school.

You should keep in mind that mobile shopping is more limited. You won’t be able to use augmented reality or other design tricks to create the perfect living room from your mobile phone. Although it might not be the ideal way to shop, being able to buy furniture online opens up your possibilities for designing the perfect living room.