Joe Biden Could Be Pushing A New Economic Agenda

Inflation Reduction Act

It is being reported that President Joe Biden could be seeking a regional consensus on a new economic agenda. The agenda would be built on several existing trade agreements with the countries in Latin America- while presenting a plan that would tackle the increasing migration when he hosts the Summit of the Americas– as reported by a couple of US officials on Tuesday.

After previewing the priorities set apart by Biden for the gathering in Los Angeles from the 6th of June, most of the administration officials stated that his message would simply enforce the idea that they couldn’t be doing their usual business with them. But the administrative officials didn’t really offer any specifics on how Biden would be addressing the challenges that came with the pandemic. 

Joe Biden Is Looking To Put The United States At The Top

The preparations for the Summit have been pretty clouded by a major threat of an embarrassing boycott by quite a few regional leaders which include Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador- the Mexican President, in the event Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba were excluded from the Summit. Both Joe Biden and Washington would be hoping that Lopez Obrador would attend, but they are also confident that his absence will not detract the Summit from addressing the changes that they had planned for.

The Summit of the countries would take place in the United States after more than two decades- since the first such meeting in Miami in 1994. Currently, Joe Biden will seek to reassert the leadership of the United States, while countering the growing clout of China. He and the leaders for the Summit would be arriving by the 8th of June. 

President Joe Biden has made it clear that they only wanted the leaders of those governments that respected democracy in the Summit- which is why the leftist governments of Nicaragua and Venezuela were not invited.

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