Hurricane Larry Might Turn Into A Massive Hurricane

Hurricane Larry
Hurricane Larry

Hurricane Larry has been predicted to reach a Category 4 strength over the central Atlantic Ocean for this weekend, as stated by newscasters. Incidentally, this trope follows the catastrophic way of Hurricane Ida and its leftovers over the eastern and southern USA. It can be ascertained by forecasters from the National Hurricane Center, that the Atlantic hurricane season of this year has shown no clear signs of slowing down.

As reported, a hurricane of Category 4 has winds that move at speeds between 130-156 mph. By Monday morning, the hurricane would have sustained winds of speeds close to 140 mph when it will start roaring in the central Atlantic ocean. 

Hurricane Larry About To Hit Cabo Verde

By Friday, Hurricane Larry was situated almost 1000 miles to the west of Cabo Verde Islands, while moving at a speed of 16 mph to the west. This has been estimated at a location of around 2,500 miles to the east of most places on the East Coast. Newscasters have mentioned a storm that has been projected to remain over the ocean for the next few days, but after that, it would be reaching Bermuda, or even might move towards North America. 

While Hurricane Larry will remain far from land in the coming days, the swells generated out of the hurricane will definitely reach the Lesser Antilles on Sunday. The swells can lead to ripping current conditions as well as life-threatening surf, as mentioned by the Hurricane Center. There have been some indications that the storm would be making a close approach towards Newfoundland, Canada, on the 10th of September. At the same time, forecasters have also kept an eye on a system in the Caribbean, which might affect the Gold Coast by next week. 

Dan Kottlowski, the meteorologist from AccuWeather, has stated that there is a narrow window of opportunity for the development of Hurricane Larry as the low moves northward into the Gulf of Mexico by next week. If it could actually move in that trajectory, there is a slight chance that it could become a major tropical system off the coast of southwestern Louisiana. 

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