In 2023, Bronny James, The Son Of LeBron James, Pledged To Attend USC

LeBron James
LeBron James

Bronny James, a 4-star guard as well as the son of NBA legend LeBron James, committed to USC last Saturday. The declaration was posted on Instagram by Bronny James.

Lebron James’ Son Bronny James’ Athletic Career

James is an athletic 6-foot-3 player from Cleveland that went to Sierra Canyon School of California. He is regarded as being one of the finest 5-point guards across the nation. He received McDonald’s All-American recognition this year and was listed as a No. 19 talent among the ESPN Hundred 2023 class. After the Lakers’ victory, LeBron James acknowledged his son.

James is happy with his son’s decision to attend a top university. The senior James stated that he thinks Bronny represents the first member of his family who will attend college, though he isn’t certain about any great-grandparents. Despite asking him for some time, USC continues to develop a fantastic young man.

The mechanics of making LeBron James’ sons’ basketball aspirations come true would be difficult, but he has been supportive of them. James is committed to maintaining his physical and mental health, and his kid will travel with him. James’ role is to encourage his son to do everything he chooses to pursue in order to foster a genuine relationship.

Bronny James scored 11.5 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 4.7 rebounds during the season in senior high school and Strive For Excellence program. Considering his abilities as a perimeter defender, James is predicted to be the No. 10 choice in the draft of the 2024 NBA.

James went through a murky recruiting process before deciding between the Trojans and Ohio State and Oregon. James discussed his hiring procedure in public and stated that it was up to him to choose the best option for himself.

Boogie Ellis as well as Isaiah Collier are anticipated to return for USC, plus James is anticipated to play primarily off a ball as well as fill in as another or 3rd ball handler whenever necessary.