India Walton To Become 1st Socialist Mayor Of Buffalo

India Walton
India Walton

India Walton seems set on course to become the first socialist mayor of a major city. She took the lead in the Democratic primary election over 4-time Buffalo Mayor, Byron Brown.

India Walton is a progressive candidate and endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America. She has been a community activist and nurse. She also is a union representative. If elected, she would become the first female mayor of the 2nd largest city in New York if she wins the November general elections. There hasn’t been a socialist mayor in any large American city since Frank Zeidler was mayor of Milwaukee between 1948 and 1960.

Indian Walton got a 7 point lead over Byron Brown. With all in-person votes accounted for, it appears to be a victory for India Walton but Brown refused to concede immediately. He said that he would wait for the remaining votes to be tallied.

Election officials in Erie County, New York said that they are yet to count absentee ballots and provisional votes. Such votes can be accepted 7 days post-election if they are postmarked by the day of elections.

No Republican In Race Won By India Walton

Byron Brown had refused to debate Walton in the run-up to the elections. She was nominated by the Working Families Party and received support from the Democratic Socialists of America. There were no Republican candidates in the primary election.

India Walton received support from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the progressive Democrat from New York City. Walton’s victory would be an important breakthrough for progressives as they seek to take the Democrats away from too moderate an image.

Walton has vowed to save $7.5M from the police department by taking away tasks related to minor traffic violations and mental health. She instead wants to spend the money on reducing crime, boosting youth employment, and increasing affordable housing. She has also promised to support both renters and landlords, and also increase the budget of the public school system.

She thanked her supporters and declared that this victory is ours, and the first of many.