IRS Chief To Be Questioned Over Ex-FBI Officials’ Audits

IRS Chief
IRS Chief

A recent report has revealed that ex-deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe along with the director of the FBI, James Comey had been subjected to extreme auditing. The IRS Chief is now going to face questioning regarding this action. 

Donald Trump, former President of the United States of America, sacked these two men from their jobs at the beginning of his presidential term. Following that, the two men also faced a high level of audit during the last leg of Trump’s presidency that surpassed all scrutiny. This audit was absolutely out of the blue for McCabe and Comey. The IRS Chief is facing questioning regarding this random audit that comes across as highly suspicious. 

Suspicious Act By IRS Chief 

Comey was notified in 2019 that the tax returns of 2017 had been chosen for a rare audit program. On the other hand, McCabe had been advised about this program of 2019 returns in 2021. IRS Chief stated that out of 153 million personal returns in 2017, only five thousand were selected for this program. 

Comey and McCabe’s selection cannot be dismissed as a mere coincidence since Comey had refused to testify against the evidence of Trump’s association with Russia’s presidential campaign in 2016 during the FBI investigation. Simultaneously, McCabe was fired 26 hours prior to being eligible for pension. All accusations against McCabe were found inconsequential and his pension was reinstated. 

Rettig Under The Radar 

Trump had harassed McCabe publicly and also mocked his wife who was running from Virginia for the state office from Democrat. McCabe was the director of the FBI while Comey had been removed from his position. 

Charles Rettig, the IRS Chief had been appointed by Trump in 2018 and he is now facing harsh questioning regarding these suspicious auditing programs of personal returns.

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