Jeff Rosen Has Testified Before A Panel

jeff rosen
jeff rosen

Jeff Rosen, the erstwhile Attorney General, testified for hours of congressional testimony last week. This implies that he reportedly went against former President Trump and his efforts to undermine the results of the Presidential elections last year.

Rosen was rigorously interviewed by several staff members of the Senate Judiciary Committee- as was reported by legislators that were sitting in on the panel. The committee has been probing multiple efforts by the allies of Trump to interfere with the election results of 2020. 

Jeff Rosen To Fully Cooperate With The Judicial Committee

Senator Richard Blumenthal, the Democratic representative from Connecticut stated that he was sitting in on the entire interview on Saturday. He mentioned that the country came very close to a catastrophe- and there were quite a few leads that the panel should definitely pursue.

He did add that the entire decision laid on the feet of the chairman as he was the only one to decide- but there were definitely several significant leads that should unquestionably be followed through by the Judiciary Committee- based on Jeff Rosen’s testimony. 

Dick Durbin, the Democratic representative from Illinois has been elected as the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and he stated that the panel would strictly be looking at exactly what happened in the days that followed the November election.

The first on the list was AG Jeff Rosen, whose testimonial appearance was reported on Saturday itself by the New York Times. They further reported that Rosen had spoken with the Department of Justice’s Inspector General on Friday. 

Jeff Rosen came clean about five different encounters with Jeffrey Clark, who worked as acting head of the civil division of the DOJ under Trump. The Times reported that at one point Clark promised to not meet Trump again, after having been caught meeting him.