Jennifer Wilbanks’ IRL ‘Runaway Bride’ Story Ends In Divorce

jennifer wilbanks
jennifer wilbanks

Jennifer Wilbanks was supposed to be a happily married woman by now- a lavish wedding 16 years ago which had around 600 guests attending. But it was not so- as the bride vanished into thin air which led to a manhunt. Her family made the rounds of both cable networks and news shows- calling for her return, forever reminding everyone that Jennifer wasn’t someone to do that. And yet, they were wrong. Oh so terribly wrong.

The Curious Case Of Jennifer Wilbanks 

Jennifer Wilbanks was found three days later in Albuquerque, where she claimed to be kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a Caucasian woman and a Latino man. Later, she went back on her story as she stated that she had simply fled the state on a bus due to personal reasons. Needless to say, her relationship with fiance John Mason got over.

She was also christened as the ‘Runaway Bride’, and was charged criminally by the police for lying, where she eventually pleaded guilty to a felony count. She was subjected to two years of probation, along with 120 hours of community service. She was also ordered to pay quite a lot of money to the sheriff’s office to cover the cost of searching for her. 

Jennifer Wilbanks now lives in Gainesville and works as a Human Resources Director at a telecommunications staffing agency where she has been working since 2015. Incidentally, the runaway bride fell in love in 2010- with Greg Huston who owns a landscaping company. The couple, interestingly, got married but this time the couple got divorced. According to reports on the Internet, Greg Hutson had filed for divorce in March. The divorce got uncontested and was finalized 30 days later. 

People who investigated the case of Jennifer Wilbanks have already moved on and simply want the best for the runaway bride. The police sergeant of Albuquerque, Trish Hoffman, stated that in the bigger picture, it was her who got hurt along with her family. 

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