Capitol Attack Anniversary Will See President Joe Biden Address The Truth

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Capitol Attack

The US President will deliver a speech on the 1st anniversary of the fatal January 6 attack on the United States Capitol. The Capitol attack was supposedly planned by Donald Trump’s supporters, warning of the threats to democracy. Trump canceled a planned news conference on the same day he renewed his attacks on Democrats and the media.

The White House stated that Biden is to fight back against Trump’s false assertions that his election loss was due to widespread fraud, as well as attempts to diminish the savagery of the deadliest assault on the Capitol since the War of 1812, on Capitol Attack Anniversary.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will speak at the United States Capitol on Thursday morning. One year after thousands of Trump supporters stormed the complex. It was an unsuccessful attempt to stop lawmakers from counting Electoral College votes that officially delivered the Democratic president’s election victory.

Capitol Attack Anniversary

Trump postponed a news conference set for the January 6 Capitol Attack Anniversary at his home in Florida, saying he would instead address many of the same issues at a rally in Arizona on January 15.

The reason for Trump’s cancellation of the press conference, scheduled for Dec  21, remained unclear. In a comment, Trump attacked the House of Representatives probe’s discrimination and dishonesty, as well as the news media, a favorite target of his.

The Capitol Attack Anniversary falls on the 6th of January, as Trump continues to battle the release of White House materials requested by a House committee investigating the incident.

Trump, some Republican colleagues, and right-wing media figures have promoted misleading narratives to diminish the Jan. 6 attack, claiming it was a nonviolent rally or blaming left-wing protestors.

On the Capitol attack day, four individuals died, and a Capitol officer passed away the next day while guarding Congress. During the attack by Trump followers, dozens of cops were hurt, and four officials have subsequently committed suicide.

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