Susie EvansTalks About Her Break Up

Susie Evans

The reality tv star  Susie Evans recently separated from her partner Clayton Echard. The relationship became a burden to her, and they parted ways. Susie Evans was in a ‘very low’ even before she separated from her boyfriend. The couple made their relationship known in the last episode of bachelor.

Susie Evans And Clayton Echard Mutually Broke Up

Both of them shared a post on Instagram with heavy hearts, how Susie Evans and Clayton Echard both decided to go separate ways. They have struggled a lot and finally decide to let go of each other. Evans felt at some point, the relationship was hindering her growth as a person, and she wasn’t deeply happy with the fact that she was losing herself in the process of keeping it. Maybe she was facing other problems along with the relationship problem. It became so heavy that it started dimming her sparkle, as she said. Evans in her blog post talked vividly about what exactly she was feeling.

Susie Evans gave us a reality check, all the women in the world felt at some point. She was trying to make something work that was draining her, which didn’t fit naturally to her, but she did everything she could to make it work. Following her breakup, she started gaining confidence in herself, what she wants and what not. Susie says she got a clearer picture of herself and set communications standards, for future purposes.

Susie Evans and Clayton Echard both benefited from the breakup, they are growing and improving every day as a person. Both of them are on their own journey to finding happiness. Susie previously declared that she had wonderful moments with her, however, the situation is very friendly at the moment, still, they are supporting each other from afar and rooting for each other. They had very limited with each other, but they were wonderful according to Susie.