Lt. Gov. John Fetterman Repeatedly Refuses To Provide Fresh Medical Records: The Pennsylvania Dem. Candidate Says No New Development

John Fetterman

For the third time, Democratic hopeful for a Senate seat from Pennsylvania John Fetterman has refused to make any commitment to provide added medical records ahead of the November election. Speaking at a Q&A session with the PeenLive editorial board that was live-streamed, he was asked if he would be divulging more medical information.

John Fetterman remained non-committal about his present medical status and instead referred to a letter in June that was released by his campaign and was signed by his cardiologist, Dr. Ramesh Chandra. The doctor had reiterated that he was capable of campaigning and serving in the Senate without any problem.

The Senate hopeful said that if any new development came up from his earlier medical status, he would definitely share that. This is the third time that John Fetterman has refused to give updates and prove that he is in a condition to serve after his stroke. His stroke on May 13 was triggered by a neglected heart condition.

John Fetterman’s Doctor Has Said That He Was Capable Of Running For Senate

Dr. Chandra wrote that he was capable of campaigning and serving in the US Senate if Fetterman followed the routine prescribed by him.

John Fetterman released the letter in which the doctor wrote that John had first visited him in 2017 and was diagnosed with an irregular heart rhythm and a decreased heart pump. But then had neglected to take his medicine or follow up on his treatment and failed to visit a doctor for 5 years.

Dr. Chandra said that while arrhythmia was the reason for the stroke, he also had another heart condition that necessitated the implantation of a pacemaker. There has not been any further letter from Fetterman. The 34the Lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania since 2019 said that it was evident that he had improved, and he could now sit and talk to people, something that was difficult for him between May and July.

John Fetterman relied on closed captioning during his interview, something he made clear at the onset. His campaign has brought in over $1 million in one day as he runs against Dr. Mehmet Oz, backed by Trump.