JR Smith Back To School

JR Smith
JR Smith

JR Smith seems to be over with his basketball days. The ornamented athlete has reportedly hung up his boots. Instead, Smith has developed a liking for golf. The seriousness of the situation is such that Smith has enrolled himself in college. He has taken up Liberal studies at the State University of North Carolina. Reports from the PGA tour states that he joined the University to play golf for the school team. This might sound a bit awkward to everybody. Smith is expected to start his proceedings at the college from 18th August. He is waiting for the NBA to give a nod. 

JR Smith Wants To Pursue Golf

NCAA is very much strict about the money-making of the student turned athletes. This could have been a serious barrier to Smith. However, Smith is fortunate to have a couple of things going in his favor. He has never played basketball for a college team. Neither has he been a professional golfer. Since he did not attain college before, he still qualifies for college. The new rules from the NCAA have also eased things out for Smith. They have allowed the student turned athletes to receive endorsements. 

JR Smith stated that he fell in love with Golf the first day he tried it. It was an event of charity and Moses Malone was hosting it. When asked to have a go, Smith smashed a 300yards shot right from the center. This sparked his passion for golf. Smith has been regularly attending golf tours and has made a few friends as well. 

JR Smith stated that many people encouraged him to start afresh. Ray Allen and Chris Paul asked him to join a college. They also advised him to pursue his ambitions and try his luck as a golfer. Smith was an accomplished basketball player. It remains to be seen how well does he replicate the good performances here in golf.