Gavin Newsom 2nd In California’s History To Face Recall Election

Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom

The state’s election officials have indicated that there are sufficient signatures to proceed with the efforts to recall Gavin Newsom, the Democrat Governor of California. Governor Newsom thus becomes only the second Governor in California’s history to face a recall election.

Supporters of the recall process crossed the 1.5 million thresholds back in April. There was a 30 day waiting period when people had the option to withdraw their signatures. With just 43 withdrawals, the number of verified signatures calling for a recall, stood at 1,719,900, sufficient to go for a recall election.

The state finance department was notified of the result by Shirley N. Weber, the Secretary of State. Her office has informed that there have been 54 efforts to recall governors in California’s history since 1911 when the power was included in the constitution of the state.

And since 1913 only 10 efforts to recall went to the ballot, and the only one involving a governor was the recall of Gov. Davis. But there was only one instance when the effort worked. Back in 2003, Gov. Gray Davis was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Process For The Recall Election Against Gavin Newsom To Begin

The Dept. of Finance has started the process of this recall election by estimating the costs. This includes the option of holding the election as a regular one or a special election. The estimates will go to Gov.Newsom and the lieutenant governor. The Joint Legislative Budget Committee Chairperson and the secretary of state will also be notified by August 5. The election is estimated to cost around $215.2M.

The strict restriction imposed by Gov. Gavin Newsom during the first and second phases of the pandemic appears to have angered Californians. Key Republican strategists went all out to collect signatures riding on the resentment.

Gavin Newsom has maintained that the recall elections were the result of efforts by Trump supporters and his right-wing extremist followers to unseat the progressives and termed it a Republican recall.