Ke Huy Quan Had His Old Friend By His side

ke huy quan

Ke Huy Quan will remember the 2023 Oscar Award for the rest of his life. Most of the best awards were probably taken by his fellow costars. Everything Everywhere All At Once won a total of seven awards. He played a very short role in Indiana Jones. Although made a lifetime friend Harrison Ford. The oscar night will be alive forever in his memory. The moment he will cherish them forever. Harris Ford presented the award to the cast.

Ke Huy Quan Had An Intimidating Evening At The Oscars

Harrison Ford presented the award to Ke Huy Quan for Everything Everywhere All At Once. The directors praised the cast behind the curtain. The evening was quite eventful and overwhelming for Ke Huy Quan. He was glad to see Harrison Ford onstage. He jumped with joy, hugged and kissed him.

Ke Huy Quan thanked everyone. He is just grateful to be in that production. From playing the part in Indiana Jones of a supporting character.To receive an oscar for his role. He has come a long way. The production company he worked with A24 was all in for them. Without them, the cast would be nothing.

Ke Huy Quan further mentioned how weird the whole cast was, but they took care of them. He couldn’t believe himself when he received the award. He thanked his wife. Further joked even if he loses everything, his career. He would not be bored doing laundry and taxes with her.

Quan paid respects to everyone, including his late father. Who died at a very young age. He has taught Ke Huy Quan how to act. This movie was a masterpiece and he learned from his father. He loved working with the directors. He is thankful to his peers and promised each other to shelter them forever.