Kelly Ripa Does Not Mind Being The Villain In Arguments With Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa

Recently, Kelly Ripa stated that she doesn’t mind being referred to as a “villain” in regard to her marriage to Mark Consuelos.

Kelly, who has been married to Mark for almost 26 years, stated in a recent interview with PEOPLE, “I don’t comprehend when people say, ‘We never fight.'” I think, ‘Oh, they’re in danger,’ Kelly continued.

When asked “Why did you guys end up getting a divorce?” the same response is usually given: “I don’t really know,” she said. “Many people we know have been through a divorce or a separation.”

Mark Consuelos And Kelly Ripa Have A Healthy Relationship

“I think over the years we could have allowed something small to become that, but [instead] we just put our heads down, got together, and said, ‘Let’s work it out.'” Now we can figure it out on video,” the 52-year-old exclaimed.

Kelly Ripa stated that she and Mark are prepared for their off-screen lives to be “an open book,” but they won’t parade all of their dirty laundry on air. Mark will be her new co-host on the Live program.

We won’t bring up what you said about my mother, but we won’t be scared to bring it up either, she said. In her statement, Kelly Ripa said, “We also have the confidence in our marriage that, no matter what we discuss, neither Mark nor I mind being the bad guy in the argument.”

She said, “Neither of us needs to be the hero.” To have Mark join me at my workstation every single day, it’s something that has come true, Kelly says, adding that she is happy to share a screen with her spouse. We’ve been extraordinarily fortunate.”