Stanley Tucci Attributes His Change As a Human To Italy

Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci is very clear about one thing- he hates the generalization Americans have towards Italy. What America thinks about Italy is way too different from what Italy really is. Contrary to the general opinion that this is where parmesan cheese is laden onto plates, Italy is a place for self-development- something Tucci understands better. Hence, his new show is all about dispelling some of the stereotypes that Italians go through in their everyday lives. 

Stanley Tucci has mentioned on multiple occasions that his own heritage has been the major reason why he is so respectful about the country. His parents made sure that he was properly indoctrinated in the Italian culture- generating in him a healthy respect for the cuisine, people, and the history behind it. 

Stanley Tucci’s Love For Italy Will be Explored In This Show

In his show, the famous actor would be playing himself in order to correct every stereotype out there about the country that has played a major role in his growth- not just as a human, but as an actor too. The show, titled ‘Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy’ will mostly be based on the culinary delicacy of six Italian places- Rome, Bologna, Tuscany, Milan, Naples, and Sicily.

Interestingly, the show might have food as its unifying theme, Tucci is determined to take viewers on the entire history of Italy. He simply wants to show the world what makes Italy, Italy. Part of that journey would be highlighting the tight knots that food has with the very identity of Italy. 

Italy is not just a place famous for Renaissance- for Tucci believes it is a place that is geographically diverse. In fact, it isn’t all geographical, the history behind this place is awe-inspiring. And the interesting part? Every single region in the land has a completely different and torrid history compared to any other region. 

Although Stanley Tucci was born in New York, his father’s sabbatical to work in Florence brought out a major change in the young child’s life. Throughout the year, Tucci enrolled in an Italian school, while his mother went about improving her Italian culinary skills. Tucci states that not only did this trip to Italy bring about a change in his sense of aesthetics, it also made him appreciate everything Europe is about. 

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