‘Unknowable’ If Washington’s Stay-Home Order Will End May 4, Says Gov. Inslee

Governor Jay Inslee
Governor Jay Inslee

Governor Jay Inslee hinted at the possibility of extension of the stay at home order. After going over the models provided by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and the Institute for Disease Modeling, Bellevue, he mentioned, “We need to do more.”

The plateaued rates indicate toward hope but the Gov. also updates as to what should have to be done in order to lift the restriction. 

“First our social distancing has to be successful enough” to reduce the rate of infected people and continue to stay such. A lift of the order can make the state vulnerable to a rebound of the already slowing curve

When that curve is stable, the second stage begins “where we test people rapidly, where we isolate them rapidly, where we treat them rapidly.” Along with these, contact-tracing should also continue as a preventive measure for further spread. 

All this said and done, Inslee might follow in the footsteps of the governors of California and Oregon to ease up the order for a particular time period. 

He also signed a pact, earlier this week, for the reopening of the western states. 

He is also setting up conditions, trying to figure out how to reopen certain industries “in the safest way possible.”

As a cautionary tale, Inslee adds that as victims of the invisible enemy “We have a lot more work to do until we get to this transition point.”