Former President Calls Kyle Rittenhouse A ‘Really Good Young Guy’, Kenosha Killer Gets Trumps’ Approval

Kyle Rittenhouse

A part of approval from one deviant to another. Kyle Rittenhouse has got a thumbs up from Trump, who met the killer of Kenosha and called him a ‘really good young guy.’ The former president met the teenager after he was declared not guilty of killing two unarmed demonstrators and grievously wounding another.

Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted on every charge and has made multiple public appearances. He was granted a sit-down interview with Ashleigh Banfield and Tucker Carlson, television hosts, and granted an audience at Mar-a-Lago with Trump. They both sported a wide smile and a thumbs up for the camera.

Trump Says That Kyle Rittenhouse Was A Fan

Trump said that he got to know Kyle Rittenhouse a little. He said that the killer was a fan of his and had come over to say hello. Trump said Kyle Rittenhouse was a nice guy.

Kyle Rittenhouse opened up with his semi-automatic on a crowd of demonstrators protesting Jacob Blake’s shooting in 2020. He claimed that he was there as a volunteer to defend a car lot, and shot down Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum, both unarmed, while seriously injuring Gaige Grosskreutz.

The jury found him not guilty of all five charges of felony including first-degree deliberate homicide.

Trump said that Kyle Rittenhouse should not have been made to suffer a trial, which he called prosecutorial misconduct. He said that Rittenhouse’s life had been in danger.

Trump said that if Kyle hadn’t pulled the trigger, he would have been killed by the mob. Kyle had said that he had only defended himself and had done nothing wrong.

Rittenhouse had said that the incident was not related to race. He has discounted reports of him joining politics as an intern, saying that he wasn’t interested at the moment. Far-right Republicans including Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, and Madison Cawthorn, all Representatives, have offered him an internship.

Kyle Rittenhouse had earlier been pictured with white supremacists and sporting the hand gesture used by far right-wing groups.