CM Punk Has Been Fired From All Elite Wrestling With Cause

CM Punk

On Saturday, All Elite Wrestling went on to announce that it had terminated its contract with CM Punk with cause after the organizing body investigated one such incident that had occurred during the All In pay-per-view show that took place last Sunday at the Wembley stadium in London. Jack Perry, a fellow AEW wrestler, and the son of Luke Perry, the actor, got into a physical altercation with Punk backstage during the event.

The statement made by AEW, which was later issued on X, stated that Punk’s employment, as well as wrestling contracts, had both been terminated. The statement from AEW read that after the investigation, the AEW Discipline Committee had met and then convened with several outside legal counsel before they ended up making a unanimous recommendation to Khan that CM Punk needed to be terminated with cause.

The CEO of AEW, Khan, who is also the general manager, as well as the head of creative, stated in an accompanying statement that he wishes he didn’t have to share such unfortunate news, but had to make the decision in the best interests of those who make the AEW possible every single week. 

CM Punk’s AEW Contract Has Been Terminated

For those wondering, AEW has also been scheduled to have a pay-per-view All Out on Sunday at the United Center in Chicago, which would take place the day after its weekly Saturday ‘Collision’ television show in the same building. CM Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, is a native of Chicago itself and is quite a big star in the city. Regarding his termination, Khan mentioned that the AEW would not forget the contributions of Phil, but the termination of his contracts with cause was, at the end of the day, his decision and his alone. 

The 44-year-old CM Punk, recently returned to AEW in June after he experienced a tear in his biceps last Semester. After a match last year, Punk had been embroiled in some more controversy and had also reportedly gotten into a physical altercation with wrestlers of the AEW like- Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson, and Matt Jackson.