Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant 2022 Trade Will Wait Until Requirements Are Met

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn nets do not anticipate parting ways with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant anytime soon.

They have not changed their position despite the celebrity duo’s pleas for trades. The Raptors are keeping their current Rookie of the Year award recipient off the market, according to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, despite claims that Toronto is interested in Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant or trade discussions involving Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton.

Kevin Durant Hopes To Leave Brooklyn Nets

Both superstars are interested in joining a different title challenger through trade. However, the brand will take its time considering its choices and is not in a haste to broker a deal. If Barnes is genuinely untouchable, a trade including the Raptors for Durant would probably require Pascal Siakam and another member of the core in addition to several first-round selections in the future.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Brooklyn is apparently seeking an All-Star player under the age of 25. Siakam, who is 28 years old, may not exactly meet that description, but as part of a bigger package, Brooklyn might be persuaded by his All-NBA honors.

Unless the price is right, the Nets will not deal with either Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving. A Rising Star, an All-Star, many first-round picks, and pick exchanges are all included in this. In the midst of this, the Brooklyn Nets have added veteran guard TJ Warren to their roster. As they look for the best contract for their superstar combo, they want to do this by strengthening the roster and adding some depth.

The Brooklyn Nets are open to proposals from clubs who are interested in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. They anticipate that this procedure will take a while and probably conclude before the season really begins.

Even with the potential that both superstars will still be on the squad by mid-October, arrangements are being made.