Shailene Woodley On Moving In With Rodgers

Shailene Woodley
Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley, the popular actress from the 2014 movie, White Bird In A Blizzard, gave a little insight into her relationship with her beau, Aaron Rodgers, the American football quarterback. The actress stated that the couple took very little time to get to know each other. And the reason behind that is they moved in together right in the early dating days. 

Shailene Woodley In The Pandemic

The 29-year-old actress said that the two had to move in because of the coronavirus pandemic. And because of the lockdown and everything it was impossible for them to travel back and forth. And this is what led her to know her partner very closely and vice versa. Shailene Woodley also revealed the fact that there had been rough patches on the way but they used to solve it. 

The news of the engagement of Aaron Rodgers was announced in the month of February. Following this, all of his fans were taken aback. Also, the 37-year-old player did not reveal the name of his fiance. It was only a few days later that the “Fault in The Stars,” actress revealed to the world that she was to be the wife of Rodgers.

Shailene Woodley stated that she was busy living her life with her pet dog at the beginning of the pandemic. It was a few months later that she took the decision to move in with the Green Bay Packers quarterback. Together they spent the pandemic in the Canadian city of Montreal. The actress was also there to work on her upcoming project.

When the two lived together, Aaron Rodgers kept himself busy in preparing to guest host the American television show, Jeopardy. The episode where the beau of Shailene Woodley appears as the guest host aired in the month of April.