Russell Westbrook: Lakers Need To Admit Their Mistakes About Russell

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

The Lakers need to move on with Russell Westbrook if LeBron James wants to win his fifth ring.

The experiment with Russell Westbrook has not worked out in Los Angeles and experts do not think that it will ever work out. James has missed several games with an injury which does not help the cause at all. Acquiring Westbrook was a LeBron decision, made in place of trading for a much better shooter in Buddy Hield from Sacramento.

It is quite strange that James and the Lakers made the call before the approval of this deal. James felt offended by all the “old man jokes” and hopped on social media to address his haters.

Russell Westbrook Does Not Seem To Mesh With The Lakers

It seems as if Westbrook is not meshing with his current team. Every time the Lakers are playing it seems as if Russell is not on the court.

The Los Angeles Lakers recently lost to the Portland Trail Blazers, dropping them to 5-5 this year. After playing only seven minutes, Anthony Davis left the game due to a stomach illness unrelated to COVID-19. This should have been a game for Westbrook to take over and go off. Instead, the Lakers lost by 15 points, and Westbrook registered a triple-single.

There is a sense of forcefulness whenever you see Westbrook on the floor. It feels as if he is holding back for some apparent reason. Both James and Davis are out and it is on Russell to take over the game and carry this team on his back. 

The Lakers need to figure out a way to let Russell Westbrook do his thing, especially when the two big players are out. The lack of chemistry on this team is appalling. Westbrook scored 9 points against the Blazers, which is 10 under his season average this year. He could need more time to get a feel for the situation in Los Angeles, but as time progresses, we should see improvements.

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