Lakers Takeaways: Stephen Curry Brings Comeback Win Against LA


The LA Lakers have made the best record in the NBA with 11-4. On the other hand, the defending champions are not as perfect as it seems.

After the massive lead towards the beginning against the Warriors of Golden State at the home ground on the 18th of January, the team eventually dropped 115-113. In spite of the perfect record of 7-0, the Lakers are presently at home with just .500 with a mark of 4-4.

Curry Serves Major Lessons For Lakers

The team from LA gave a forgettable performance in the recent game and none of the players were up to the mark. Anthony Davis and LeBron James posted the same 6-of-16 shooting lines. On the other hand, the entire team committed 16 turnovers.

The Warriors were not perfect but they managed to take advantage of the mistakes made by the Lakers and finally pick up a victory. As a result, they are beyond the .500 following the recent skid that knocked them back down to 6-6.

First of all, the Lakers must remember to never take their foot off the pedal despite having star players in their team. Stephen Curry along with Draymond Green continues running the very same late-game approach they have abused from the 2015s. The pick and roll done by Curry-Green are virtually unstoppable. At the same time, Monday showed that it is still working even in the absence of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant.

The Lakers have remarkable defensive techniques however, they have not benefited from it so far in the season. Additionally, on Monday, the team reinforced their decision to stick with their opening group which has proven to be successful.