Kevin Durant In For Non-Stop Action

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is one of the popular names in the NBA. He is one of the most successful players on the circuit. He currently plays professionally for the Brooklyn Nets. However, he seems to have been fatigued from the action. Durant, being an integral player, has played all the matches for Brooklyn. This nonstop action has somehow made an impact on the athlete. As a human being, everybody needs to take sufficient rest. Unfortunately, that would not happen as Brooklyn looked to win against their recent rivals Cavaliers. 

Another superstar suffering from the same problem is James Harden. He is also a superb athlete and together with Kevin Durant, forms the Nets’ backbone. This has made things utterly difficult for both these players. They had a plan of finishing things quickly against the Cavaliers. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Let us explore the different happenings at the game in detail below. 

Kevin Durant Calls For Rest 

Kevin Durant is a tired guy. When he saw his name on the team sheet, he wanted to finish things off early. Durant & Walker expressed their wish to make a quick meal of the Cavaliers. The team was suffering from some injury concerns. A lot of key players were missing from the Cleveland side. The Nets thus aimed for a couple of things. Firstly they wanted to win the game. Secondly, they wanted to win the game quickly. A quick win would give their players added time to rest. 

However, a gritty display by Cleveland made them fail their second mission. The Nets however did not lose on their first mission.  They comfortably bear the Cavaliers 109-99. Kevin Durant stated that he is okay with the added pressure. He promised to keep going on as long as his team needed him to.