Nipsey Hussle Honored On Twitter

Nipsey Hussle
Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle was being honored on Twitter. Several fans and famous personalities took the opportunity to acknowledge the late star. Hussle was a rapper. He was a very promising talent. Hussle’s versatile array of compositions made him one of the standouts. Nipsey was a very successful celebrity. He had everything in him that was required to attain stardom. However, his quest for fame was nipped quite in the bud. Hussle lost his life in the most unfortunate manner. He was killed by an assassin in the year 2019. The incident took place in Los Angeles. Many fans mourned his death. Barack Obama was one of the personalities that were shaken by the murder.  

Nipsey Hussle Paid Tribute On His Birthday

It was the thirty-sixth birth anniversary of the deceased rapper. Had he been alive, it would have been an event to remember. However, Twitter decided to show respect in their way. Fans and followers posted their reminiscences on the social platform. Fans kept on posting pictures and left soulful messages. Love was showered on Hussle by everyone. 

Apart from the fans and followers, Lauren London & ESPN joined in too. ESPN quoted an inspiring quote and attached it to a picture of Nipsey. Nipsey was seen sporting a Lakers jersey in the picture. Lauren London was the girlfriend of the late rap star. Fans kept discussing instances of catching the rapper live. One fan acknowledged his good luck as he was privileged to play the DJ for the star. 

Nipsey Hussle was a promising talent. He was shot on the 31st of March 2019 in Los Angeles. He has released his solitary album before his death, “Victory Lap”. The album was quite a hit and drew a positive review from the critics.