Larry Elder Criticizes Newsom, Expresses His Lack Of Trust On The Governor

Larry Elder
Larry Elder

Larry Elder, who is a renowned radio show host, criticized the governor. He accused him of not connecting with the people of California. He felt that it was time for a change. The veteran show host also stated that the state needed to be saved.

Larry Elder Lashes Out At Governor As Mass Discontent Intensifies

Larry Elder called out the Governor of California on Tuesday. He said that governor Gavin Newsom lacked the necessary connection with the common mass. He further stated that people were disappointed with Newsom and the state needed to be saved. Meanwhile over 2million citizens have signed a petition against Newsom. 

Newsom came to power in 2018 but since then, the journey had been all bumpy. The state saw massive forest fires, innumerable electricity cut-offs & the ongoing pandemic. These issues accumulated to make the citizens turn on the governor. 

According to Elder, the state of California lacked in many fields. The state saw a decline in employment opportunities. The education system also lacked proper execution during a pandemic. The host also accused Newsom of not listening to the common people’s pleas. 

A report which was published last month dropped huge news. According to the report, Newsom allegedly drew millions of rupees from the funds of forest welfare. This news enraged the common masses further. With the threat of wildfires looming large, this move only worsened the situation for Newsom.

Larry Elder has started his website. He encouraged people to visit the site and sign the petition against Newsom. He warned the people about the possibility of the governor “buying” votes. When requested, Newsom did not provide an official statement as a reply.