Stimulus Check News: Americans Eligible For $1,400 Payments

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States may still be eligible for their third $1,400 stimulus check.

The IRS said on March 30 that it will no longer be issuing first-, second-, or third-round stimulus checks. Valid taxpayers who missed a check or received a wrong amount, on the other hand, can claim the excess payment as a Recovery Rebate Credit on their federal tax returns for 2020 or 2021. Although most taxpayers have received their third-round payment from the IRS, the Treasury believes that 644,705 persons who were theoretically eligible for a third stimulus check had not received one by the middle of September 2021, a total amount of $1.6 billion. Although some of these people finally received their payments, the overall number of late receivers is not stated in the report.

There are several explanations for this. Because the IRS relied on earlier tax returns to establish eligibility, some families who had a child in 2021 may not have gotten their third payment for that dependant. They simply would not have been aware of the child’s eligibility.

Stimulus Checks Are Still Being Sent Out To Those Who Missed It

Due to income cut-offs that have been rendered irrelevant, if you experienced a fall in income last year, you may now qualify for a stimulus payment. For example, if you made more than $160,000 in your first year but fell below that level in 2021, you may be eligible for stimulus funding.

Individuals with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and a qualifying dependant make up the majority of the 420,000 persons who did not get a $1,400 check. Workers who are supposed to file taxes but do not have a Social Security number frequently utilize ITINs. The American Rescue Plan allowed parents with ITINs who had dependents with Social Security numbers to receive a stipend.

This issue was examined, and as of September, 99.5 percent of the claims were being “evaluated” for payment. Due to an issue in unemployment payments, more than 130,000 people may not have received their third stimulus check. Others may have lost out on their check because of an “unresolved situation” in their tax account or a filing status change.