LeBron James’ group to donate $100K to pay fines for ex-felons seeking to vote in Florida

The founder of ‘More than a vote’, the NBA star, LeBron along with other athletes, has decided on donating $100,000. The donation would be made to the former felons so that it can help them pay the outstanding debts of courts so that they get the right to vote in Florida. Having passed a law that made clear the fact that the felons were supposed to pay all the court costs and fees along with the restitution charges so that they match the eligibility criteria of being able to vote.

LeBron along with other athletes came to the rescue by establishing ‘More than a Vote’ in the previous month. Its immediate cause was the global protests against the inequality and the brutality of the police that was caused due to the death of George Floyd during the police custody. The group aims to promote equality and help African Americans gain the right to equality that was due to them since time immemorial.

“Under this scheme, nearly a million otherwise-eligible citizens cannot vote unless they pay money,” wrote Sotomayor, who called the policy a “voter paywall.”

“We believe that your right to vote shouldn’t depend upon whether or not you can pay to exercise it,” Udonis Haslem, a forward for the Miami Heat and More Than A Vote member, said.

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