Update On The Stimulus Checks: $500 Monthly Payment Applications Will Be Available In Nine Days

stimulus check
Stimulus Check

In nine days, applications will be accepted for a new assured stimulus check program in Cambridge, Massachusetts that would pay selected participants $500 each month. Forms for the “Rise Cambridge” program will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be accepted between 1st June and July 31.

The payments, which are being sponsored by a $23M contribution from Massachusetts, are meant to assist homes with a minimum of one kid. Each recipient chosen for the stimulus check program will receive $9,000 over 18 months in 18 monthly increments of $500. The recipients’ options for using the money are unrestricted.

Eligibility And Requirements For The Stimulus Checks Program In Massachusetts

The applicant must reside in Cambridge, be 18 years of age at least, and have a minimum of one household member who is below 21 years of age to be eligible for the program. Additionally, the household income has to be equal to or less than two-hundred fifty percent of the governmental poverty line. The number of individuals living in the family determines the minimum income criteria for eligibility. Families with two members, such as a mother and kid, will be qualified if their annual income is no higher than $48,300, and families with three members will be qualified if their income per annum is no higher than $62,150. With each extra household member, the maximum income rises a little.

The recipients can earn additional money along with the monthly payouts by taking surveys or writing about their experiences with the stimulus checks program. The completion of these questionnaires or documents is voluntary, however, those who do so will receive payment for their time. The recipients’ monthly installment payments of stimulus checks won’t be declared as taxable earnings.