Lil Fizz Has Apologized To Omarion For Going Out With His Ex-Girlfriend

Lil Fizz
Lil Fizz

When Lil Fizz started dating the ex-girlfriend of Omarion, his former band member, hopes of a reunion were quite dashed. This had led to many fans of the early 2000s boyband B2K anxious about never seeing the R&B group get together to make music. Fizz started dating her in 2019, leading to a pretty sizable rift between the two artists. But now, all seems to be well, as Fizz went on to apologize to his frontman during a B2K reunion performance that took place on Friday at the Forum in Los Angeles. 

Lil Fizz Apologizes To Omarion Before A Full Crowd

With Lil Fizz addressing what he did, which was coupled with a heartfelt apology, one can hope that the pair would start making amends soon. The apology turned into a major part of The Millennium Tour, which had a west coast stop- a concert tour that originally had all the four band members- but was soon reduced to just one- Omarion- after the others left after a falling out.

But, things were smooth sailing finally, as all the four members reunited on stage- Fizz, J-Boog, Raz-B, and Omarion. This is when Fizz took a moment to apologize before the entire crowd. 

Lil Fizz stated that the entire show would feel a little out of place if he didn’t take the time now to apologize to Omarion. He further mentioned that he had done some messed up things to his brother in arms, and he is definitely not proud of it. This led to him apologizing for causing any trouble or dysfunction between Omarion and his family. 

The scandal that Lil Fizz was talking about was his relationship with Apryl Jones, the former girlfriend of Omarion- with whom he had two children. The couple had split in 2016, and she started dating Fizz sometime around 2019.

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