Liz Cheney Gets Her Priorities Straight 

Liz Cheney
Liz Cheney

It is not a hidden fact that Liz Cheney, the Representative, directly holds former President Donal Trump responsible for inciting the violent riot that broke out in the Capitol building. It took place on the 6th of January.

Republican Liz Cheney is also very well aware of the fact that she will have to consider this fact in order to gain the trust of the voters. Not only that but the whole party will move on from the former president for the sake of themselves.

Liz Cheney Condemns Trump

The criticism with regard to Donald Trump was taken a step further by the Wyoming Representative. She went on to discuss the Republican field of the year 2024. This took place in Orlando at one of the retreats of the Republican party this Monday.

Liz Cheney gave a statement to one of the popular news channels. It was with regard to the subject of the Capitol riot. She stated that the party has several candidates who seem to be interested now. She also went on to comment on those Republicans who were responsible for the unconstitutional act of violence that was planned by them. The Representative clearly stated that from her point of view, it is inappropriate for those irresponsible Senators to take part in the election. She used the word “disqualifying” as she talked about their participation in the election. 

Liz Cheney further spoke about factors that will be considered by her with respect to the election of 2024. She mentioned the importance of abiding by the Constitution and the law. It was stated that it was a priority to adhere to the Constitution as well as the oath.  

The Republican Representative also made it quite clear that the ones who supported the objections to the count of the Electoral College do not deserve to be the leaders of the future. 

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